Paint and Coating

Production and/or distribution of paints and coatings

Whether you manufacture paints and coatings or look for equipment that facilitates the distribution of your products, we offer a broad line of dispensing solutions. All our dispensers for paint and coatings are fitted with extremely durable hoses, appendages and pumps, as well as stainless steel flow-rate valves with high-integrity seals. Our systems for solvent-based products accept solutions with ethyl acetate, ethanol and iso-propanol as standard; they can also be configured for MEK and toluene. All GSE solvent-based dispensing systems comply with CE and are explosion-proof executed, and those intended for Europe are ATEX-compliant.

The Colorsat Mixpoint is a high-capacity system for the production of water-based, solvent-based or UV curing paints and coatings, that can dispense up to 64 different components in batches up to 1,000 kg. The high version of the Colorsat Compact is a smaller production system, with 34 base components and a 250 kg batch capacity.