Just-in-time printing paste for the textile industry

Fast, accurate ‘just-in-time’ production of printing paste improves quality while reducing stock levels, allowing you to increase your margins and offer a better end product.

Rotary screen printing

Our IPS, Integrated Paste preparation System, offers a modular and refreshingly affordable approach to dispensing and managing your liquid dyestuff. The IPS program comprises of IPS delta for paste preparation, TPS for thickening preparation, IPS omikron for manual dispensing and the IPS epsilon and IPS sigma for sampling purposes. In addition to ‘on demand’ paste preparation, our TMS (Textile Management Software) will help you to eliminate your leftovers.

T-shirt printing

Especially for T-shirt printers, we developed the IPS sigma– a system that exactly fits the requirements of this market. If you run more than 4 printing machines, you should seriously consider using the IPS. With a very short payback time, it is the perfect tool to organise and optimise your printing paste preparation.