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Company profile GSE

GSE delivers robust, fast and smart dispensing equipment, software and services. We help printers and their ink suppliers to tackle ink-related wastes in the printing workflow. We are based in Brummen in the Netherlands and have a subsidiary in the United States.

Over the years, we have acquired a strong position in the market. We succeeded in combining advanced gravimetric dosing systems with a worldwide network of service representatives and agents. We have more than 40 years of experience in the graphics, textile and coating industry. During this period we have built an installed base of 1800 automatic dispensers in 90 countries.


Our purpose is to reduce the environmental impact of inks and ink-related resources in the printing industry. We want to be the global number one partner for printers and their ink suppliers in the packaging, deco and textile industry. We do this by supplying equipment, software and services that reduce wastes in ink logistics. Our ambition is to be a reassuring, reliable, refreshing and connected partner for our customers.

With our “lean” process approach, we add value to ink logistics. Advising, implementing and supporting ink logistics solutions for our customers is a continuous process for us.


Our dedicated team has continued to stand out in the market. Not only because of our advanced systems with sophisticated software, but by providing first-class support as well.

The key to our success is our “system design”approach.  We balance the performance of pneumatics, electronics, software and computer control with the mechanics of fluid flow dynamics.

Our products are fast, accurate and robust. They are also easy to use, clean and maintain. Moreover, the modular architecture of our equipment and software enables smart customisation and quick response manufacturing.

We have all the necessary disciplines in-house: business development, engineering, manufacturing, consultancy, sales and after sales support. And with our modern ERP software fully implemented, we are equipped for the future.


GSE was founded in 1975. In 1980 we were the first to introduce an automatic gravimetric dispensing system, called IPS. In the textile industry, these systems were produced by GSE and marketed by Stork. Later, this experience was applied to produce the Colorsat range of dispensing equipment. These systems were developed for the fast growing graphics market, in which we currently hold a strong position.

GSE was acquired by the Stork group in 2000.

At the time, being part of this major Dutch conglomerate’s Prints division brought two important benefits. It provided the financial support necessary to invest in R&D, so that the company could innovate and grow. And it enabled us to tap into the parent company’s worldwide network of distributors.

In October 2006, the company underwent a management buyout. It is now run directly by the company’s senior management.

Since the buyout, GSE put a lot of effort in improving its customer support network, product range, business processes and ICT infrastructure.

Nowadays, the company has a wide product portfolio for the packaging, textile, paint, wall covering and flooring industries. The range covers all ink and paste types, and caters for users of all processes, not merely the less viscous flexo and gravure varieties. The programme of gravimetric dispensers ranges from small stand-alone manual dispensers to large fully automatic production systems, with connection to higher level production management systems.

Company data

The company is registered at the Trade Registry Veluwe en Twente, the Netherlands, under number 01850565.

VAT No: NL8170.40.547.B01