GSE’s Colorsat FCS ink dispenser: the recipe for productive, efficient label printing

For hundreds of label printers worldwide, GSE’s manual ink dispensing system with ink management software has provided long-term cost savings, consistent colour quality and full traceability.

The new Colorsat FCS (Formula Checkweigh System) with GSE Ink manager software brings efficiencies that can cut ink costs by up to 30 per cent. It’s the proven solution for all your conventional process inks – including flexo, offset, gravure, screen and letterpress.

Hit colour targets fast, reduce waste

Computerised recipe calculations and precision scales make dispensing the target colour for your job easy, in just the right amount. That means you can confidently deliver quality and drive down waste too. You avoid the risk of production shortfalls – and you can even reuse press-return inks in new jobs. Moreover, you can turn the makeready time saved in the ink kitchen into valuable, extra production hours!

Ink batch traceability

With the optional GSE Traceability software module, Colorsat FCS brings full traceability of ink batches. In food and pharmaceutical markets, therefore, complying with strict GMP and BRC safety standards becomes much easier.

Easy to install

Both Colorsat FCS and its software are easy to self-install and use. So, there’s no need for a GSE engineer to provide on-site installation or training.

Future-proof for seamless upgrades

If you eventually upgrade from a manual system to an automatic dispenser, the progress is seamless, as you can keep using the software database, without losing data.

All in all, the Colorsat FCS with GSE Ink manager software is the perfect way to start future-proofing your ink logistics!

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