GSE at Expoprint Latin America 2018

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GSE at Expoprint Latin America 2018

– Press release –

GSE presents Ink manager software plus efficient flexo / gravure dispensing and proofing solutions at Expoprint Latin America 2018

Brummen, The Netherlands: At Expoprint Latin America 2018 GSE will demonstrate the company’s Ink manager software and present information about its dispensing and proofing solutions for efficient, quality-assured ink logistics in label and packaging printing, especially for flexo and gravure applications (stand 702, white pavilion, Expo Center Norte, São Paulo, Brazil 20-24 March). Making its debut in the Americas, GSE Ink manager is a comprehensive ink management solution that eliminates ink-related waste and provides enhanced reporting, for improved business planning and batch traceability.

The new software solution offers optimised ink yields through recycling press returns, as well as improved connectivity, mobility and reporting capabilities. Its modern user interface offers easy use and extensive search functionalities, a job list separating work preparation and ink production, and a modern web interface for seamless integration with other applications, like ink formulation, management information and cloud software. With Wifi connection to the dispenser, GSE Ink manager is supported by mobile apps allowing remote data-entry and access to real-time information. GSE Ink manager also facilitates collection, analysis and presentation of ink-related business information. The operator can view recipe data and ink costings related to each job, store new colour specifications for easy recall when jobs are repeated. The software also facilitates ingredient tracking through the supply chain, by storing ink batch data about every job.

There will be video presentations about GSE’s Colorsat modular dispensing systems that mix and dispense flexo, gravure and screen inks to precise quality and quantity specifications in minutes. Benefits are reduced setup times, ink-yield improvements of over 30 percent thanks to easy re-use of press-return inks, a cleaner colour mixing environment and better stock management. Tailored systems are available for the complete range of package printing situations, for water-based, UV- and solvent-based ink sets, from label printing dispensers that provide colours in 1kg – 10kg volumes, to high-volume dispensers for corrugated board, with up to 34 components.

Information will also be available about GSE’s flexo-based table-top wet-proofing system that simulates printing conditions by using identical consumables as those on the press, to give precise predictions of the colour quality that will be achieved when the job is printed.
José Assini, area sales manager, GSE, comments: “The Latin American packaging value chain is becoming an increasingly service-oriented market where printing run lengths and lead times are declining. With the new GSE Ink manager software, a range of durable dispensing systems, and a responsive support programme, GSE provides a proven, comprehensive ink logistics solution for maximising value, centred around the customer’s need for flexibility and repeatable quality.”