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With our competent team and financially stable organisation, we build equipment that lasts.



Our modular product and software design combines the benefits of customisation with those of standardisation.


Not only our dispensers are fast, but also our response times due to a committed support team, a modern ERP and Lean workflows.

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GSE introduces new machine controls and software at Labelexpo 2019

– Press Release – GSE unveils Windows 10-based automation controls for Colorsat ink dispensing systems and adds new functions to Ink manager software at Labelexpo Europe 2019 Brummen, The Netherlands, 16 July 2019: At Labelexpo 2019, GSE (stand 7D59) will present its comprehensive ink logistics solutions, including dispensing systems, tabletop…
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GSE makes final three in ‘Smart Manufacturing’ award

– Press Release – GSE makes final three in Netherlands’ annual ‘Smart Manufacturing’ award Brummen, The Netherlands 18 March 2019: Ink logistics solutions provider GSE was announced as a top three finalist in the Metaalunie Smart Manufacturing Award 2019 – a national competition in the Netherlands, recognising success in creating…
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GSE regional winner of ‘Smart Manufacturing’ award

– Press Release – GSE praised for digitalisation as regional winner of Netherlands’ annual ‘Smart Manufacturing’ award Brummen, The Netherlands 17 January 2019: Ink logistics provider GSE has been confirmed as one of six national regional winners of the Metaalunie Smart Manufacturing Award 2019 in the Netherlands. The company, based…
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GSE’s Lean ink logistics

Muda, or ‘waste’, is a key concept in Lean. Reducing waste is the key to reducing costs and increasing profitability. We understand waste to be the deployment of all time, materials, tools, techniques, people and space in excess of what is needed to offer added value to customers.

GSE’s ink management solutions help printers to implement lean business practices that also make sound financial sense. It has helped them save up to 30 percent of their costs. By mixing base components, the dispenser eliminates the need to buy expensive ready-mixed inks and allows recycling of return inks. Stock is minimised, rework and human error are avoided and press productivity can be boosted by thousands of hours annually.

Whatever package, label or textile substrate you’re printing on, our products and software put you in total control of your ink logistics needs.

Beat the eight wastes

Waste 1: Overproduction

Do not produce more than what the customer asks for. For instance, do not mix or order any more colours than are needed for the print run.

Waste 2: Transport

Movement of products form an expense that adds no value. You can reduce transport costs if you mix inks from large barrels instead of ordering pre-mixed colours in small packages.

Waste 3: Defects

Aim for zero-defects. Colours that are ‘first time right’ avoid waste of substrates, ink, press downtime and operator hours.

Waste 4: Inventory

Stocks are purchased that the customer will not pay for. By mixing colours yourself from a limited number of base colous, you eliminate stocks of pre-mixed colours.

Waste 5: Motion

Excessive motion adds no value. Doing the mixing yourself, near the printing press, means reduced handling and less ink movement.

Waste 6: Overprocessing

Some processes have no place in the workflow. For example, if you mix the ink from larger containers, you avoid having to drain contaminated buckets.

Waste 7: Waiting

If you prepare your colours ‘in-house’ with an automated ink dispenser, you reduce waiting times.

Waste 8: Talent

This is insufficiently using the competences of the workforce. The laborious task of mixing inks manually, for example, can be avoided by installing an automatic dispenser.

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Automatic ink blending

GSE’s Colormix range consists of manual, semi-automatic and automatic pneumatic blenders for the homogenization of dispensed inks in containers.

The Colorsat Compact for dispensing solvent-based inks can be integrated with an automatic roller conveyor for container transport and the automatic Colormix blender. The container is automatically positioned and grounded. The equipment features parallel dispensing and blending. The blender is turned over a container with solvent, which makes it suitable to clean the blender blades and the shaft before blending a new batch.

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