Lean on us

The price rises of over 30 percent in raw materials, including inks and paste, has intensified pressure on a printing industry already hard-pressed to defend margins in the face of stiff competition and a bleak economic climate.

So there are significant benefits in having a sound ink management system that governs ink preparation, reuse and recycling, colour management and proofing. By ensuring none of these areas gets out of hand, an ideal system will strengthen a company’s ability to be lean.

The goal of lean ink logistics is eliminating the expenditure of all ink-related resources that do not create value for the end customer.

At GSE, we help printers to improve their ink logistics. We have developed a road map to lean ink logistics, consisting of the following steps:

  1. Ink dispensing
  2. Ink management
  3. Colour management
  4. Proofing the inks
  5. Process integration.

Overall, reducing waste in your ink logistics chain can arguably reduce your costs by up to 30 percent. If you want to achieve these cost savings, check our blog or get in touch with us!!