New Colorsat FCS manual ink dispenser

GSE’s Colorsat FCS ink dispenser

New Colorsat FCS manual ink dispenser

– Press Release –

GSE’s compact Colorsat FCS manual ink dispenser brings cost reduction and traceability to small-scale label printing operations

Brummen, The Netherlands, 9 September 2020: GSE has introduced a compact, manual ink dispenser for fast accurate and efficient colour preparation, helping small label or packaging printing enterprises to reduce ink-related costs, achieve consistent colour quality and provide traceability of ink in the supply chain.

The Colorsat FCS (Formula Checkweigh System), featuring GSE Ink manager software manages all conventional inks – including waterbased and UV-flexo, offset, gravure and letterpress inks, cutting makeready time, and reducing ink consumption by up to 30 per cent.

Ink kitchen processes are simplified. Colorsat FCS’s automatic ink recipe calculations enable spot colours to be prepared, on target and in the exact quantity needed for the printing job – without needing to produce excess quantities. It provides the formula of the base colours in exact weights, then leads the operator through a controlled weighing process using a precision Mettler-Toledo scale, to create the colour. Inks returned from flexo doctor blade chambers on previous jobs can also be calculated into new recipes, keeping waste to a minimum.

The Colorsat FCS includes GSE Ink manager (GIm), a software package that provides the control and information needed to run a cost-efficient, responsive operation. A modular software, GIm includes several optional packages that automate and simplify ink-related processes. With the optional GSE Traceability software package installed, Colorsat FCS brings full traceability of ink batches. In food and pharmaceutical markets, therefore, complying with strict Good Manufacturing Practice and British Retail Consortium safety standards becomes much easier.

The software packages provide a long-term solution for business improvement: customers eventually upgrading from a manual system to an automatic dispenser may continue to use the software database, without losing data.

Both Colorsat FCS and its software are easy to for the customer to install and use, without the need for a GSE engineer to provide on-site installation or training.

Maarten Hummelen, marketing director, GSE, comments: “In label and packaging production, controlling ink-related processes is vital for staying competitive, but automated dispensing systems enabling this have only been economical for larger-scale operations till now. The introduction of the new, compact Colorsat FCS manual dispenser with Ink manager software puts the boutique enterprise on an equal footing, providing a long-term, viable system for reducing the cost to print while achieving consistent repeatable quality.

“The FCS and its software can also benefit larger businesses seeking to integrate peripheral operations – perhaps a stand-alone folding carton or envelope converting line – into the corporate management information system.”


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