Flexible packaging printers: go water-based – for sustainability and top performance!

Flexible packaging printers: go water-based – for sustainability and top performance!

Attend PRETHINK INK’s sustainability webinar this month – and get the knowledge to make processes more efficient and eco-friendlier with safer, more economical water-based inks.

Dear Reader,

Now it’s March 2023 and I’m writing to tell you how, just six months ago, our flexible packaging business made one of its best decisions.

The odds were stacked against us. Energy, ink and materials costs were rising sharply. Solvent inks we used were not just expensive – but posed a danger to the environment and a risk to safety. But our biggest challenge was that we had no control of our processes. Without a system or software-driven equipment to prepare colours, we lost production time, and wasting money on remakes, to get the quality right.

Then, our technical manager decided to attend a web seminar all about working with water-based inks. Little did we know it, but this 75-minute event gave us the knowledge we needed to ‘rethink our processes’ – and make our business competitive in difficult times.

We not only discovered we could switch to water-based inks that were more economical, safer and eco-friendlier; thanks to a GSE presentation, we also learned that cutting-edge ink logistics technologies could help us drastically cut waste, costs and emissions – and get the quality right first time.

It’s turned out to have been a wise investment. Preparing our water-based colours with a dispenser, we’re reusing all our press-return inks and we’ve reduced ink consumption by 30% – an essential performance boost that has protected our margins in these inflationary times.

The web seminar was run by members of the PRETHINK INK network, a group of print industry suppliers with experience in optimizing water-based ink technology and making it beneficial at every stage of the packaging supply chain.

If I could turn back time, I’d be urging any flexible packaging printer to register and attend the seminar too….

…oh, wait a minute – I just have! It takes place on September 22nd, between 13:00 and 14:14hrs CET. Believe me, signing up could be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make!

Register now for the PRETHINK INK web seminar:

• Gain insights into how your printing processes could contribute to lowering emissions
• Learn about ink trends to reduce the carbon footprint of your packaging
• Learn from GSE’s Anne Lourens about techniques for making your print processes faster, leaner and smarter with software-driven ink logistics