Bucket agitator for solvent-based inks

Blending blades

Buckets with agitators on a waterfall frame

Agitating inks in buckets

Our bucket agitators are installed on the lids of 25-litre buckets and keep the base components homogeneous.

The air-driven bucket agitators accommodate ink viscosities up to 600 mPas and are equipped with two fixed mixing blades.

Pneumatic controls

The agitators are directly connected to the air supply, meaning that they mix constantly. Optionally, the equipment can be delivered with pneumatic controls for the air supply and the agitator. This enables the configuration of the mixing cycles in the GSE Ink manager software. You can then programme the mixing to take place during circulation or during circulation and dispensing. The pneumatic agitators are suitable for both water-based and solvent-based inks. The solvent-based models are built to explosion-proof specifications.