Drum agitator for solvent-based inks

Blending blade

Agitating inks in 200-litre drums

Our drum agitators maintain the homogeneity of base components that are contained in drums to feed the dispensing system.

Our pneumatical agitators are suitable for all types of inks up to 2,500 mPas viscosity, with models for solvent-based inks meeting explosion-proof standards.

The agitators are equipped with a powerful air motor and a reduction gearbox, ensuring a stable force on the mixing shaft. This prevents the agitator from rotating faster as the ink container empties.

The mixing blades have a large stroke surface area, limiting the amount of power the air motor needs to deliver. Good homogeneity is maintained even at low speeds. Overall, little air supply from the compressor is needed, which also contributes to achieving your sustainability goals.

The equipment comes with pneumatic controls for each individual agitator. This allows for configuration of mixing cycles within the GSE Ink manager software, independent of the circulation cycles of the dispensing system.