Fully automated drum and bucket washers are an easy and efficient way of cleaning containers used to store ink. Water is forced through a series of rotary brushes that clean the inside and outside of the containers. The washers are virtually maintenance-free. The Colorclean Indigo is suitable for cleaning one bucket at a time, while the Colorclean Azur is designed to clean two buckets simultaneously. The Colorclean Cyan is suitable for inside and outside cleaning of larger open-top drums. See the table below for all specifications.

The Indigo (see picture above) is equipped with an inner brush of 230 mm. This means the buckets to be cleaned can have the following dimensions:

  • Diameter maximum: 375 mm
  • Diameter minimum: 250 mm
  • Height maximum: 470 mm

The machine functions with:

  • Three rotating brushes for inside and outside cleaning of open buckets. The brushes are rotating with a different speed, which results in a rotating movement of the bucket and also an effective working of the brushes.
  • One non-rotating brush for bottom cleaning.
  • An electric driven motor for brush propulsion.
  • A stainless steel washing cabin.
  • A switchbox with adjustable timers.
  • A door, which can be closed during the washing cycle.