Ink supply chain management

Ink supply chain management

For users who want to manage their ink logistics externally as well as internally, we offer the optional GSE Advanced logistics module. The software provides the information and tools to efficiently plan, order and book in base components delivered by your ink supplier. This enables ink batches to be traced through the value chain and eliminates administrative errors.

Component demand

The software shows the quantity of base components required to dispense the jobs that are scheduled in the job list.

Purchase orders

After creating a purchase order to replenish inks, the software automatically suggests base components to be purchased if the current stock falls below the predefined minimum level.

Component delivery  and use

The barrels of a new base component can be booked in as soon as they are delivered. The warehouse manager keys in all relevant data related to each barrel, such as batch code, expiry date and delivered weight. If the base component that is connected to the dispensing system runs empty, the operator can select a new barrel from the inventory. Once the new barrel is selected and connected, the data keyed in during component delivery is incorporated in all logistic events. Additional administrative tasks by the operator are neither required nor possible, helping to prevent data entry mistakes.


In addition to machine stock information, which is included with GSE Ink manager, GSE Advanced logistics allows the user to add an extra inventory. Each barrel in the inventory is given a unique inventory number. Furthermore, status information can be stored for each barrel for track and trace purposes.


The software module provides a wealth of extra information. The “component stock” grid includes information about component demand, machine stock, inventory, planned, ordered and purchased weights.  The “purchase order” grid provides information about ordered units, ordered weight, delivery dates, delivered weight and PO completeness.

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