Real-time information advanced reporting

Real-time information, remotely

With the optional GSE Advanced reporting software module, you have access to a wealth of information, directly from your dosing system. Real-time reports – anywhere, at any time and on any device, whether fixed or mobile!

Standard reports

We have determined “datasets” that are retrieved from the GSE Ink manager database on the dosing system. Several reports are generated based on these datasets. These reports are displayed on a HTML page. Any external device with a large screen is suitable for viewing these reports, such as laptops, desktop computers or tablets (see image). We have already developed a number of standard reports:

  • the most used recipes
  • efficiency of processing return inks
  • ink shelf life
  • “lean” ink flows
  • amount of labour needed to exchange components

In addition, we are continually developing report templates!

Available everywhere

GSE Advanced reporting provides real-time, on-demand information from the dispenser – or multiple dispensers – without the hassle of going to the dispenser each time or making a (Team Viewer) connection.

We can install the software on any computer using GSE Ink manager. Just contact us to get started!