Work safely with spot colour inks!

Whenever ink manufacturers supply base inks that contain hazardous chemicals, they come with appropriate warning labels attached to the barrels. But that critical information – featuring recognized symbols – isn’t automatically transferred if that ink gets processed.

For instance, what if you blend a special colour with these base colours? The bucket with the blended colour has no hazard symbols.

The GSE Hazard symbol printing software module fills this information gap. It’s a program that automatically prints the appropriate, internationally recognized hazard warning labels for transporting and storing special colour blends – enhancing the protection of your workforce and the environment in the printing house.

Automatically print recognized warning pictograms

GSE Hazard symbol printing allows the user to assign up to five symbols to base components listed in the user’s inventory database. The software ensures that the assigned symbols based on the United Nations’ Globally Harmonized System, denoting physical, health and environmental risks. These are automatically printed on the label of the batch if the ingredient is in the blended colour.

No duplicate entry is needed throughout the life of the ink: if any of the blended ink is returned to stock after printing, and reused for another job, the software ensures that the correct hazard symbols are also printed.

GSE Hazard symbol printing is ideal for flexo, gravure and screen process printers and is compatible with the latest version of GSE’s Ink manager software. Symbols that may be printed are defined in the Guidance Document to support implementation of the GHS of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals. They comprise symbols for:

  • flammable substances
  • corrosive substances
  • irritating substances
  • toxic substances
  • environmentally dangerous substances

For more information

Read our extensive blog about this subject. Or contact us to learn how GSE Hazard symbol printing can help you and your people work safely when mixing and handling special colours.