Order management made easy

Order management made easy

Achieve more orders with less administrative work with the GSE Order management software module – an option that gives users a stronger foundation for planning, processing and tracking orders. 

Order entry, planning and processing 

Orders can be entered and planned to make job status clearly visible for easy monitoring. The software allocates orders to specific presses and identifies customers. Once a specific press and/or customer is selected, relevant specifications such as minimum required ink volume in the ink chamber, can be extracted and incorporated into the order.  Each order includes a table with rows of proposed ink formulas and their weights. It is even possible to define, row by row, the position in the printing press where the formula must be printed.

MIS Integration

With GSE MIS Connect, GSE Order management can be integrated seamlessly with management information systems (MIS) and ERP software. Integrating these systems reduces errors, accelerates time to press and ultimately delivers higher margins through automation and better control of ink use.

Grid and reports

The “orders” grid, as shown on the display of the Order management software, provides a wealth of information about orders, including status, planned dates, required ink weights, customer, press and price information. The software also provides several standard reports, like order details, overviews, totals and protocols.

GSE Order management
  • order entry and processing
  • customer information
  • press information
  • quick start order
  • extensive grids and reports
  • automation of the entire order process when integrated with GSE MIS Connect
  • traceability reports with order information when used in conjunction with GSE Traceability
  • automatic calculation of ink requirements per order when used in conjunction with GSE Article management

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