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Welcome to the new InkConnection blog!

Are you active in packaging, labels, wallcovering, textiles or industrial coating? In today’s supply chains, quality assurance and the flexibility to deliver short runs ‘just in time’ are expected. There is no room for waste, and no time to lose.

That’s why controlling processes – using equipment and software to automate and standardise operations – is vital for staying profitable, meeting standards and making decisions fast.

For any converter, good management of the medium you’re applying – whether it’s ink, paste, varnish, dye or paint – brings value to your business. It enables you to:

  • save money through cost reductions
  • generate revenue with extra press ‘uptime’
  • achieve accurate colour consistency – consistently
  • provide quality and safety assurance in the supply chain with traceability

You can achieve this by gaining insight into the processes and technologies concerning dispensing, proofing and software. Knowledge, as they say, is power!

Over the years, customers from around the world have approached our technical and marketing people for advice. More recently, software advances and the arrival of the cloud have brought opportunities for speeding up processes plus better cost savings, stock control and forecasting.

We’ve created the InkConnection blog to update the converter, brand-owner and ink manufacturer about the latest advances in ink logistics.

This will be an ‘information hub’ for exchanging ideas about best practices, technical advice, market trends and case studies. Hopefully these ideas will inspire you and provide the insight to transform your business. And remember – your feedback is welcome too.

We at GSE wish you pleasant and informative reading!

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