Why package printers depend on controlled ink processes

Why package printers depend on controlled ink processes

It’s been two-and-a-half years since we established the InkConnection newsletter and blog. And in that time, we believe our mission – to encourage efficient ink management in package printing – has only grown in importance to label and packaging converters.

We know from our correspondence with printers globally, that optimizing colour processing and ink handling are top priorities. There is literally no margin for error – here’s why:

  • For brands, consistent colour accuracy is a precondition of business – no compromises!
  • Cost pressures and fast service demands mean ‘first-time-right, every time’ is the only way to be punctual and profitable.
  • In an increasingly regulated supply chain, traceability and safety of ink ingredients are mandatory for food and pharmaceutical packaging.
  • Colour-related mistakes cause significant waste – which is bad for your environmental reputation, and your financial performance.

Ink logistics for sustainable print runs – long and short

Looking ahead to 2024, concerns around sustainability, rising raw material prices and pressure for ever shorter production runs will mean the need for controlled ink logistics remains as important as ever.

Through our monthly blogs, we aim to show that automating processes is the key to more than just ink dispensing and repeatable colour accuracy on-demand. It’s also the basis for an efficient, agile, and sustainable operation – that brands are more likely to trust with their business.

InkConnection’s most popular blogs of 2023

That’s why the InkConnection blogsite discusses best-practice ideas for handling ink at every step in the printing process. The five most popular blogs this year reflect the wide range of topics covered:

  1. Complying with safety regulations when working with inks
  2. How to manage stocks for spot colours in package printing
  3. How to prepare the correct amount of ink for the job
  4. Hot trends: managing multiple ink sets, sustainability and software integration
  5. Planning the perfect ink dispenser installation

These are just some of more than 30 articles that are there to help you stay at the forefront of competitiveness – our library also features advice on Lean production, returning inks, plus an introduction to spot colour dispensing, among others.

Have your say on the topics we cover!

Does your printing house have a challenge relating to ink and colour processing, that you need solving? Let us know at info@gsedispensing.com and we will be happy to provide advice!

Meanwhile, may we wish you a happy Christmas and every success in 2024!