Meeting quality standards for packaging inks with GSE Traceability

GSE Traceability software module helps the converter create traceability reports instantly, and comply with the most stringent quality standards used for food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics packaging, like GFSI.

How it works

If GSE Traceability is activated, the user has to key in a batch code every time when a barrel is exchanged at the dispensing system, or when a component is manually added (see the screen shot below).

For every dispense job in the job list, a unique container ID is created. With every component dispensed, the batch code is stored with the job/container details in the database.

Traceability reports

The proper configuration and use of software allows you to create traceability reports instantly, described either in batch-to-job or job-to batch sequences. These reports include, among others:

  • container IDs, formulas, production dates and expiry dates of fresh dispensed inks
  • identification of batch codes of previous and subsequent barrels

When used in conjunction with the GSE Order management software module, these reports can be enhanced with information about the sales order.

Tracing return inks

With spot colours, any ink remaining in the press after a job is returned for reuse, either for the same colour or as an ingredient for a new one. So traces of a batch can pass through many dispense-production-return cycles, and thus many different jobs, over time.

The problem of tracing the ink through this journey is solved with GSE Traceability: when used in conjunction with the GSE Return ink management module, it is possible to specify the tracking of a returned spot colour ink through up to 99 dispensing cycles! Traceability reports then also include information about container IDs, formulas, order number, storage locations and expiry dates of the return inks.