Dispensing systems for packaging and label printers and ink suppliers

Good ink logistics make a vital contribution to enhancing the printer’s efficiency and flexibility of service. With dedicated ink dispensers, GSE helps packaging and label printers to cut out waste and raise quality levels.

GSE is strongly committed to the narrow web industry. Especially for the sector, we have developed two automatic dispensers for users of relatively low ink volumes.

Since its introduction, over 150 label printers have invested in a Colorsat Match for dispensing water-based and uv-curing inks. The Match is equipped with internal ink tanks and has a small footprint. The Colorsat Switch has been added to our portfolio a later stage.

This system has external base components only and can be applied for water-based, uv-curing and solvent-based inks. We also have two manually operated systems in our portfolio. With Colorsat FCS you are able to weigh and manage your ink batches, while the Colorsat Solo is a simple solution for tapping a single component, e.g. transparent white.

All our systems for the label industry completely exclude light that would cause the inks to cure. As a result, our systems are suitable for both water-based as UV curing inks.

Wall covering and flooring

For wide web printers of paper, board, sanitary and kitchenware, we have developed a wide product portfolio for dispensing and managing water-based inks.

The Colorsat Slim revolutionised the printing industry, by offering converters the first affordable ‘plug-and-play’ ink dispenser. The Colorsat Compact offers a modular approach to ink management for the larger packaging converter. In addition to the manually operated Colorsat FCS and Colorsat Solo dispensing systems, our range of Colorclean drum and bucket washers are tailored to the industry. Our Colormix mixing and conveyor systems complete the portfolio.

For printing on film and flexible packaging, solvent-based inks are commonly applied.

Our systems for solvent-based inks (entry-level model Colorsat Slim, the faster Colorsat Compact or the Colorsat Switch for small batches) accept solutions with ethyl acetate, ethanol and iso-propanol as standard, and can also be configured for MEK and toluene. Long-lasting hoses, appendages and pumps are standard.

Solvents in printing inks evaporate as the inks dry, releasing Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) into the atmosphere. With our GSE Ink manager software all ink formulas and orders can be traced to their individual raw materials, ideal for VOC registration requirements. All our automatic dispensing systems for solvent-based inks comply with CE and are explosion-proof executed, and those intended for Europe are ATEX-compliant.

Our manually operated Colorsat FCS and Colorsat Solo as well as our Colormix mixers are all suitable for handling solvent-based inks.

Good ink logistics is the key to success for every ink supplier. GSE Dispensing is a preferred supplier to the world’s leading ink manufacturers.

With the Colorsat range of dispensing equipment for water-based, solvent-based and UV curing inks, we help ink suppliers offering packaging printers an in-house ink logistics solution. Also, several ink suppliers have selected our ink management software  as their basis for a branded manual ink preparation system.

The Colorsat Mixpoint is a high-capacity system for the production of all types of liquid inks, which can dispense up to 64 different components. It dispenses into containers, drums, buckets and cups, and interfaces with a wide range of storage tanks, mixers and conveyor systems.