advice from our experienced sales team

Appropriate advice from an experienced sales team

With today’s fast digitisation of business processes, the question is not if you automate your ink logistics, but how. Reducing waste in your workflow is the key to reducing costs and increasing profitability. GSE can help you to implement these “Lean and Smart” business practices.

We ensure that your organisation will get an effective ink logistics solution, enabling you to increase customer value. This starts with an appropriate advice from our experienced sales team.

Dispensing hardware and layout proposals

Selecting the right hardware depends from various parameters, like

  • Ink type used (solvent-based, water-based, UV- or LED-curable)
  • Ink viscosity and rheology
  • Production batch sizes and accuracy
  • Required production capacity
  • Number and type of base components (colours, varnishes, technical media)
  • Current and future workflows

In addition to ink and paste dispensing equipment, GSE delivers conveyor systems, blenders, agitators, storage racks, fixed piping and level measurement systems. In addition, we have bucket washers, table-top flexo proofers and thickening preparation systems in our product portfolio.

After selecting the right equipment, we will develop an efficient workflow, taking into account the movement and storage of base components, dispensed inks and press-return inks and the exchange of base components. In close consultation with you, we will engineer a (CAD) layout drawing, positioning the equipment in the room you have available with all necessary dimensions and connections.

With our modular frame design for pumps and hoses, we are flexible in accommodating countless lay-out options.

Software for ink or paste management

With developing our software, a process approach has been kept in mind. All relevant steps within the ink logistics are supported, such as ink dispensing, processing press return inks and colour corrections.

GSE software offers intelligent solutions that give you the edge when facing your current challenges:

Making your own spot colour inks

The software and dispensing system enable instant availability of exact colours in precise quantities for the job, made from base components. This reduces ink costs by up to 30 per cent: there is no need to purchase ready-mixed colours, or excess amounts “just-in-case”. Ordering base components less frequently saves transport, warehousing and administration costs.

Reusing return inks

Our software enables press-return ink reuse in various ways, by processing individual buckets or by producing ‘clusters’ – where return inks with similar colour or base components are combined into a single base colour, which is then connected to the ink dispenser.

Ink supply chain management

The software provides real-time stock level information. It makes adjustments each time stocks are fed to the dispenser, and automatically places purchase orders for base colours when they fall below specified minimum volumes.

Colour corrections

Colour adjustments after dispensing can be needed because of substrate or anilox roll inconsistencies. Both temporary corrections to the bucket or permanent changes to the formula can be made – either manually, or with the help of colour formulation software.

Creating new spot colours

New formulas created with colour formulation software are sent directly to the GSE software. Sampling can be done with formulas or by component dispensing (without a formula).

The question is not if you automate your ink logistics, but how..

Ink batch traceability

The software provides instant access to information about the quality and quantity of the ingredients for any job and, conversely, which orders were produced with any specific batch of ink.  Reporting facilities enable batch traceability, together with expiry date and press-return buckets used.

Management reporting

Comprehensive reports are provided, based on reliable sources, on-demand, so sound strategic decisions can be taken. They can be viewed and exported. Predefined reports are available for returns, orders, formulas and traceability.

Ink cost control

Accurate ink volume requirements per job are available with an algorithm that takes into account coverage levels and substrate type, to make precise predictions. Ink consumption cost per order, including the subtraction of press-return inks, can be reported.

Workflow management

The job list enables the division of work preparation and ink production.

Software integration

With web-based functionality and mobile app technology, our software offers seamless integration with other applications, like ink formulation, management information and cloud software.


After agreeing on the project scope (hardware, software and lay-out drawing), we will prepare an order confirmation with our commercial conditions. GSE’s General Delivery Conditions apply to all our deliveries and we provide a full 12 months warranty on parts and labour. After receiving the signed order confirmation and down payment, we start with preparing the manufacture and implementation of the equipment.

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