GSE Ink manager: total control at your fingertips

GSE Ink manager is the best-in-class software package that gives you the control and information required to run “lean and smart” ink and printing operations. GSE Ink manager (“GIm”) is supplied as standard with GSE ink dispensing systems.

GIm takes care of formula preparation, schedules production runs, recycles return inks and tracks batch numbers. The software also includes extensive search, reporting and connectivity functions. With GIm, getting the best from your dispensing system is easier than ever before.

All system users, who subscribe to a service contract, benefit from free software updates as soon as they become available.

  • Interactive dispensing
  • Job list with search, group and editing possibilities
  • Extensive grid functions (including filter and sum rows, search box and select all functionality)
  • Colour adjustments (adjust container, update recipe or create new recipe)
  • Sampling with formula or component dispensing
  • Additive / Anilox correction
  • Park container
  • Quick start container with barcode
  • Macro components
  • Machine stock
  • Fill / exchange barrels (including report)
  • Special formula types: bulk, direct
  • Special dispense types: external, stock
  • Multiple container and lid configurations (sizes and weights)
  • Component information with customised references
  • Component conversion
  • Formula information with customised references, change history and “inactive” mark
  • Formula import / export
  • Dispense history
  • Event history
  • Alarm notification list
  • Machine-line-station configuration
  • Extensive back-up functionalities
  • Circulation schedule (optionally disabled by hardware signal)
  • Advanced password protection and log-out timer
  • User management with user groups
  • Printer management
  • Simultaneous computer operation on same database
  • Label editor
  • Usage and stock lists and reports (with export possibilities)
  • VOC report
  • Performance report
  • Component changes report