Colorsat Slim WB for water-based inks

Colorsat Slim SB with integrated Colormix manual blender

Ex-proof execution for solvent-based inks

Sliding weighing scale for adding inks manually

The economical dispensing solution

The Colorsat Slim revolutionised the printing industry, by offering the first affordable ink dispenser for the paper, board and flexible packaging converter.

It is specifically designed for dispensing production batches of water-based and solvent-based printing ink into 25-litre (~ 6,5 gallon) buckets.

The Colorsat Slim includes a sturdy weighing unit that weighs dosages up to a maximum 25 kg to an accuracy of just 1 g. Furthermore, a wet and dry cleaning unit cleans the system after each dispense cycle, saving maintenance time. Key components such as the label printer and barcode scanner have been integrated into the control console. The addition of quick couplers to the hoses connecting the ink barrels to the dispenser makes faster, cleaner exchange of barrels possible, without risk of dripping.

The design of the dispense head enables height adjustments to accommodate buckets of maximum 470 mm and the integration of an optional high volume component.

Colorsat Slim

  • fast installation
  • simple operation
  • low maintenance
  • flexible arrangement of system and storage drums
  • GSE Ink manager software
  • Maximum 24 ink components
  • Diaphragm pumps with smooth flow pulsation dampers
  • 35 kg (~77 lb) weighing unit with 1 gram (0.002 lb) readability
  • Sliding weighing tray for easily adding return inks and manual components
  • Stainless steel grade 316 dispensing valves
  • Combined wet and dry automatic valve cleaning
  • Modular rack stand for hoses
  • Modular dispense console including LED colour screen, PC, keyboard and mouse
  • Connection for remote access
  • Viscosity: maximum 120 sec Din Cup 4 (560 mPas)
  • Dispense accuracy inks and bases ± 1 gram (0.002 lb), water and solvents ± 5 gram (0.01 lb)
  • Dispensing speed: faster than 4 minutes for a recipe of 20 kg (~ 44 lb) with 4 components
  • Spare parts
  • Additional component
  • Container connection
  • High volume component with 18/5 valve (maximum 4)
  • Barcode package (barcode scanner and thermal printer)
  • In-line filter units
  • Suction cages
  • Smart UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)
  • Additional work station
  • Colormix hand-held or manual blender
  • Colormix manual bucket transport system
  • Agitators for base components
  • Solvent vapour extraction