Stand-alone drum blender

Blending blade

Stand-alone blending of drums

The drum blender is a stand-alone electrical column blender for blending solvent- or water-based inks after dispensing. It can also be used to pre-mix base components before connecting them to the dispensing system.

The blender is equipped with a manual start/stop button to lift the blender shaft and blade out of the drum. The blender will be mounted on the floor with a steel floor plate. A drum clamp ensures the fixation of the drum during blending.

Drum blender

  • for blending solvent- or water-based inks
  • viscosity up to 1.500 mPas
  • maximum drum sizes: diameter 600 mm, height 900 mm, lifting height: 1.000 mm
  • electrical operated motor (the solvent-based version is Ex-proof executed)
  • stainless steel blending element