Blending at the touch of a button

The Colormix semi-automatic blender is suitable for homogenisation of dispensed inks buckets. The blender is positioned at the end of the exit side of roller conveyor of the Colorsat Compact dispensing system (low or high version).

The blender is suitable for water-based and solvent-based inks. There are two executions available, depending on the bucket size and ink viscosity. The standard version is suitable for buckets up to 25 liters and a viscosity up to 500 mPas. The “heavy duty” version can handle buckets of up to 60 liters and a viscosity of up to 1,250 mPas (see picture/video).

After the bucket with dispensed ink is manually positioned underneath the blender, the shaft with propeller blades will be lowered inside the bucket. By pushing a button, the blending process is started. After the blending process is ended, the shaft will be raised. To prevent contamination while moving, a drip tray is automatically rotated under the propeller blades. Beside the blender a bucket with detergent is positioned for cleaning the shaft and the propeller blades. After each blending, the blender automatically will be turned and lowered inside this bucket with detergent. The cleaning process is started. After the cleaning process is ended, the shaft will be raised and the blender will be turned back.

Automated blending and cleaning

The blending and cleaning processes are completely automated. All up and down movements of the blending shaft are automatic by a pneumatic cylinder, and also the rotation of the blender is fully automated. All movements are controlled by the software of the dispensing system.

Colorsat Compact High integration

The semi-automatic blender can be integrated with a Colorsat Compact High dispensing system. A bucket transport system (roller conveyor) will enable you to dispense into buckets, and to make small batches. It consists of an entry conveyor and an exit conveyor. In between, underneath the dispensing station (above the floor scale), there is an opening, which makes it possible to position an open-top drum, and dispense into this drum. For dispensing into buckets or pails, a mobile conveyor (cart) can be positioned on this floor scale. This mobile conveyor bridges the entry and exit conveyors.