Training course by GSE

Get trained and reduce waste

Ink management is not a one-off project, but a continuous process. After implementation, we will remain closely involved. We will provide advice and training to ensure that your organisation remains succesful in minimising ink-related waste in the printing workflow.

Basic training after installation

After each installation, we provide basic training for operators and maintenance personnel. In this training session, the basic functions of the system are discussed in detail. These functions comprise the entry of components, formulas and returns, dispense operations, user configuration, label editing, stock control, maintenance, etc.

Advanced training

If more sophisticated functions are used, we advise the additional advanced training course on site. This is specifically to help operators master the advanced functions and possibilities of our software, such as the use of orders and articles, entry of colour or press corrections, extended return management, formula conversion, traceability, etc.


If required, we can also organise a webinar to train software functionality for a group of participants on different locations. We use Skype for Business technology for this purpose.

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