Colorsat Mixpoint

Dispensing in drums, buckets and even IBC’s

X-Y moving head with dispensing valves

Valve cleaning blades

Optional solvent extraction system

High performance production system

The Colorsat Mixpoint is an extremely flexible, high-capacity, fully automated and computerised system.

It can dispense up to 64 different water-based, solvent-based or UV-curing components. It dispenses into containers, drums, buckets and cups, and interfaces with a wide range of storage tanks, mixers and refilling systems. It dispenses to an accuracy of 1 g / 0.002 lb (0.1 / 0.0002 lb optional), and dispenses a 175 kg (385 lb) batch, consisting of four separate components, in under 10 minutes. The Colorsat Mixpoint can handle batches as large as 3000 kg / 6600 lb.

Colorsat Mixpoint
  • high performance and accuracy
  • modular system with multiple layout options
  • centre-point dispensing for all components
  • many possible options to extend in capacity and functionality