GSE Dispensing CFS Color connect

Integrated colour management

With GSE Colour connect, our software can interface with colour formulation software from different suppliers, like Datacolor and X-rite. With this optional interface, the worlds of ink management and colour management integrate, bringing you a host of extra benefits.

New colours

New colours can be created with colour formulation software and the new formula can be imported directly into GSE Ink manager. A button on the dispense screen makes this process child’s play.

Colour corrections

The colour correction process can be supported by ink formulation software as well. The operator takes a proof, measures the colour using CIELAB coordinates and, if the colours fall outside the required Delta-E parameters, the software makes a suggestion to correct the recipe. The corrected formula is imported to GSE Ink manager and you can dispense a batch again. The colour is measured and, if correct, the adjusted formula will be stored and the job goes to press.

Recycling press return inks with “clusters”

Leftovers, or press return inks, can account for up to one third of the amount of dispensed ink. Our optional GSE Return ink management software allows these inks to be recycled into new recipes. As an example, press returns of Coca-Cola red could obviously be reused into a new batch of that special color. But, since we know the recipe of the colour is known- the individual base ingredients and their quantities – this can be used this to make a colour with the same base ingredients, like a Fanta orange. The software guides the operator through this process.

Another way of working is to collect the returned inks in “clusters” of colours. Return inks with similar colour or with the same base ingredients are combined into a single base colour, which is then connected to the ink dispenser. This helps to recycle those return inks automatically, without retrieving every separate container from the returns storage.

For example, the software can help to collect all the blue return inks with the same base ingredients. These are collected in a large container (e.g., a 200L drum) and colour formulation software can generate different formulas of this blue cluster ink. You can allocate different formulas to each cluster by creating “cluster indices”, which helps to achieve maximum recycling efficiency. With GSE Colour connect, the formulas can be imported directly into GSE Ink manager

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