Colorsat Match: the small batch dispenser

Ink and paint dispensers

Our automatic systems for dispensing inks and paints are developed for optimal user experience.

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GSE ips delta system

Textile paste dispensers

Our automatic dispensers for textile printers enable greater efficiency through on-demand paste production.

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Blenders and agitators

GSE offers a wide selection of quality blenders and agitators.

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Colorclean Indigo - Efficient cleaning of buckets

Drum and bucket washers

The fully-automated drum and bucket washers are an easy and efficient way of cleaning containers used to store ink.

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GSE Dispensing TPS thickening preparation system

Thickening preparation system

GSE’s TPS thickening preparation system gives you extremely smooth, consistent printing paste thickenings – time after time.

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GSE Ink Manager screen - Quick start

Ink management software

GSE Ink manager is the best-in-class software package that gives you the control and information required to run “lean and smart” ink and printing operations. GSE Ink manager is supplied as standard with GSE ink dispensing systems.

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