GSE Ink manager Article Order

Manage ink requirements per print design

With the optional GSE Article management software module you can define the ink requirements for a specific print design (“article”). The software automatically calculates the required ink weight per formula after the desired number of articles are entered.

When a specific printed product is ordered repeatedly, it may be defined as an article. Information about the required ink quantity per formula and the press to be used for printing the product can be defined in the article. When the product is ordered, only the desired quantity needs to be entered. The software then automatically calculates the ink weight per formula required for printing the order.

Ink calculator

The software is capable of automatically calculating the ink requirements, eliminating the need for manual data entry. It calculates the printed surface area covered by each colour, based on the length, width and coverage factor. If it is provided with the optional absorption factor, the software can precisely calculate the ink weight per formula.

Ink cost management

After entering the purchase prices of the base components, the ink costs of the articles can be automatically generated. The ink costs of the production order can then be pre-calculated. This is a basic functionality of GSE Ink manager. After running the order, the ink consumption cost, including the subtraction of press-return inks, can be reported and evaluated.

Article properties, references and revisions

Article properties and references offer numerous flexible options to freely add additional information to an article, such as the required viscosity, anilox roll or designated press operator. You can print this additional information for example on the order protocol to instruct the operator. We can even define properties for each press position. These customisable references and properties can also be used for generating valuable summaries and more detailed reports.

The software also records all the changes to an article. A summary shows the data that is changed per revision and by which user. Ideal for traceability and “design history” purposes.

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