Total control at your fingertips

Since 1980, GSE has been supplying ink dispensing systems equipped with ink management software. Today, over 1,000 printers enjoy the advantages of automatic dispensing of water-based, solvent-based or UV-curable inks. With the all-new Ink manager platform, GSE meets the needs for more functionality from users, ink suppliers and other value chain partners.

Resulting from years of development and intensive collaboration with different market players, GSE Ink manager is fully tailored to the needs of modern printing houses. In developing the software, a process approach has been kept in mind.

All relevant workflow steps relating to ink logistics are supported, such as ink dispensing, processing press-return inks and colour corrections. GSE Ink manager provides a total solution for managing all ink-related information. It far exceeds just the machine control of the dispensing system.

Modular architecture, modern user interface

The modular software design combines the advantages of standardisation with those of customisation. Extensions with additional modules after initial installation are simple to make. Thanks to the fresh, intuitive Windows interface, the software is easy to learn and work with. You can sort, hide, drag and drop columns. You can save any lay-out you have designed. The software also includes extensive search, reporting and connectivity functions.

GSE Ink manager: basic package and optional modules

GSE Ink manager comes with a host of functionalities in the basic package. Click here to learn more. The following modules are available to extend the functionality of the software: