Colorsat RWS with 35 kg / 77 lbs weighing scale

Colorsat RWS with optional 300 kg / 660 lbs weighing scale and barcode package

Computer-controlled weighing of (return) inks

The Return Weigh Station (RWS) gives you full control over the management and weighing of (return) ink batches.

The Colorsat RWS comprises a control cabinet which houses a computer with keyboard and monitor, and a 35 kg / 77 lb weighing scale  (300 kg / 660 lb optional). The system leads the operator through a step-by-step controlled process to weigh press return inks. With the optional barcode package, you can print a label with a barcode for every batch weighed for identification purposes.

Colorsat RWS
  • equipped with GSE Ink manager
  • suitable for all inks (control cabinet can be EX-proof executed to weigh solvent-based inks)
  • easy self-installation
  • can be connected with all major colour formulation systems
  • small footprint