Colorclean Cyan

Optional water saver

Effective cleaning of drums

Two rotating outer brushes and one inner brush

Drum cleaning made easy

The fully automatic Colorclean Cyan washes drums to store water-based inks in an effective way. Water is forced through a series of rotating brushes that clean the inside and outside of the drums. The robust washer is virtually maintenance free and comes in a stainless steel housing.

Effective washing 

The Cyan is equipped with three rotating brushes. The brushes run at different speeds, causing the drum to rotate and clean more effectively. There is also one non-rotating brush for cleaning the bottom of the drum. A switchbox with adjustable timers allows accurate setting of cleaning cycles. A detergent application unit further enhances the effectiveness of the cleaning cycle.

There are two brush sets available for the Cyan – each with a different diameter. The sizes of the open-top drums to be cleaned determine the brush dimensions. Cyan washers equipped with a brush set of 280mm (11”) can clean drums with a diameter of between 290mm (11.4”) and 470mm (18.5”), and a maximum height of 980mm (38.6”).

The machine functions with:

  • Three rotating brushes
  • One non-rotating brush for bottom cleaning
  • An electric driven motor for brush propulsion
  • A stainless steel washing cabin
  • A switchbox with adjustable timers
  • A door, which can be closed during the washing cycle