Now is the time (to future-proof your ink logistics)!

GSE package printer solutions

Now is the time (to future-proof your ink logistics)!

We live in a world where everything is uncertain and changes quickly. Many companies are currently securing their supply chains and streamlining processes to face the new reality.

Successful business leaders agree on one thing: To future-proof your business, you need to adopt the latest technologies. “Industry 4.0” can help businesses to digitise and integrate processes, increasing efficiency and avoiding man-to-man communication.

That is why we developed a state-of-the-art upgrade package for dispensing equipment running on former IMS software. The upgrade comes with the latest GSE Ink manager software and new Windows 10 machine controls.

GSE Ink manager is a comprehensive ink management software with an all-new user interface. The new solution offers many new functionalities, as well as improved connectivity, mobility and reporting capabilities.

Do you use GSE dispensing equipment and are you eager to future-proof your ink logistics? Do not hesitate to contact us! Our advisory team is ready for an online demonstration of the possibilities!